The Metaverse Reserve Currency protocol
Enabling GameFi 2.0 by solving the lack of NFT liquidity
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NFTs Illiquidity
NFT illiquidity will no longer be a pain-point for gamers or a high barrier to entry for new players. Instead, the gaming Metaverse can transact fluidly between in-game assets, catalogued experience, and co-op interoperability.
GameFi 2.0
GameFi no longer needs to follow the BTC/ETH narrative when it becomes a self-sustaining ecosystem. Instead, GameFi 2.0 is now able to grow the ecosystem userbase while scaling revenue accrual through more sustainable price-controlled NFT liquidity.
DeFi 2.0
DeFi protocols are no longer stuck in the never-ending cycle of subsidizing users with liquidity mining rewards. Instead, protocols are now able to attract long-lasting liquidity while unlocking a new revenue stream through liquidity fees.
Our actions
NFTs-as-Bonding Assets
Gamers unlock a stable income by selling NFTs to earn a scalable reserve currency. New Gamers are able to enter the gaming sector with lower barriers by buying NFTs from GameFi's NFT pool.
Bond-as-a-Service allows DeFi Protocols to control their own liquidity and unlock new revenue streams through liquidity fees. Users deposit stable coins to receive reserve currency at a discounted rate.
Tea-as-Reserve Currency
As the protocol controls the funds in its treasury, TEA can only be minted or burned by the protocol. This also guarantees that the protocol can always back 1 TEA with at least 1 DAI and appreciate over time without upper limits.
TeaDao metaverse
GameFi protocols-owned-NFTs Liquidity & Price
Using front-end GUIs enabled by TeaDAO, GameFi protocols can now control their NFTs’ liquidity and prices using the NFTs-as-a-Bonding-Asset Mechanism.
Using the bond mechanism enabled by TeaDAO, DeFi protocols can now control their own liquidity and unlock new revenue streams through liquidity fees.
Game Theory
TeaDAO ensures TEA's minimum value will never go under 1 USD and that the maximum value appreciates without limitation.
Exchange NFTs to get TEA - a growing reserve token whose price increases over time.
GameFi & DeFi Protocols
Opportunity for GameFi Protocols to keep gamers fully engaged with the game for the long-run
Opportunity for DeFi Protocols to achieve the capital efficiency and sustainable liquidity through Protocol-Owned-Liquidity
TeaDAO’s Community
Opportunity to generate more revenue streams through diverse services such as Bond-as-a-Service and DAO-as-a-Service, increasing user benefits.
Opportunity to provide high sustainable earning yields for investors and gamers.